Our Mission

Our group was created as a youth group in Fall 2018, but has developed into an organization that has a mission to make an positive impact on our community.  Our goal is to show God's message in not only our words, but our actions as well. 


Our ministries include:

  His Helping Hands: a ministry were the group goes to different homes that have requested help and we do anything we can to help them. If you have a job request, email us at yohmjos19@gmail.com.

Christmas Sponsorship: Every year, the YOHM youth group raises money to sponsor families for Christmas. This year, we are sponsored 15 people. We also delivered gift baskets to some of our church members. Because of your donations, we were able to spend about $150 per person. We have completed this project for this year, but you can still donate to our youth group! If you would like to donate and you attend the Manton or Cadillac (Division St.) churches, mark your tithe envelopes YOHM. If you do not attend one of these churches, contact Andy Shaffer at